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The articles on SDRgadgets, are organized into three main categories, Hardware, Software, and Infoware. the first two are obvious, Infoware will get topics that either don't fit into the first two categories easily or topics specific to participating here on SDRgadgets. If you don't know where they should go, put them in Infoware, it's easy to change later, and keeps them from getting lost.

If you feel an article has something wrong, is incomplete, contains some rough grammar, or even just a typo. Feel free to log in and expand on it, or fix it. Other members may help you out by fixing things for you, once you've submitted your content. Feel free to sign anything you submit by typing in --~~~~ at the end of the article, which will be rendered as your username, with a discussion link and a timestamp, if you feel you need visible credit. If you'd prefer that no one mess with your content, you can either lock it, or spell out terms and conditions for other editors in the article, either visibly or invisibly in a commented section of your markup text, at the end of your content, with your signature. We are flexible. Discuss your requirements and sit back and watch them be met. As always Infringing content, and or opinionated submissions will be edited into compliance or removed. First, you meet our terms and conditions, then we will meet yours.

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